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Outfit | Hold on to your vision

Jamie Sjoerd Adventurous Childs Kindred Spirits Kiboots

I’m back from Saalbach-Hinterglemm. I really enjoyed my first time on the slopes, so can’t wait to hit the slopes next year again. In the upcoming weeks one thing is going to change on Adventurous Childs. As you might know I’m Dutch. And a lot of Dutch people visit our blog. The main language of Adventurous Childs is English but soon our content will be available in English and Dutch! Wish me luck with translating everything haha 🙂

Outfit | Always take the scenic route

Huh, wait? That’s not one of hats Jamie often wears. True! I really love the boho clothing style but sometimes I like to dress myself casual and I love to try something new just like Sjoerd. During our day in Bergen aan zee we walked a lot so a comfy outfit was a must just as picking comfy shoes. We received these pairs from Invito – Yes, Invito is back! -. As you may have noticed on our instagram feed we’re hitting the slopes in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, we just can’t wait to share our adventure in the snow!

Outfit | Focus on the good

Jamie de Leeuw - The Sting Sacha Trixlamix

I shot this outfit a few weeks ago when the sun was shining but still it was freezing, brr! Normally I photograph all of my oufits in a nature area, but I really love the urban vibe on Strijp-S. Today I’m off to Ardennes modelling for a sporty brand. Wish me luck haha! What do you think these pictures and my outfit?

Outfit | Be wild or wonder

Brrr it was freezing when we shot these outfits in one of our favourite places Eindhoven. Our butts were freezing off haha. Some people say you have to suffer to make beautiful photographs, true that! What do you think of our outfits and the location we shot this outfit? Because we didn’t shot this outfit in a nature area.