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Maak kennis met het Adventurous Childs team. Ons team van gepassioneerde globetrotters zijn dol op nieuwe plekken over de hele wereld te ontdekken en kunnen niet wachten om onontdekte parels, hun reisverhalen en tips met jou te delen. Ons doel is jou aan te moedigen en te inspireren om nieuwe plekken te ontdekken. Om op meer avonturen te gaan, om de kleine dingen in het leven te waarderen, en te leven voor de momenten die je niet in woorden kan omschrijven.

Ben je van plan een uitje in je eigen land te maken? Een citytrip in Europa? Of een reis rond de wereld? Maar je weet niet waar je naar toe kan gaan, waar je kan overnachten, waar je heerlijk kan eten of wat er te ontdekken valt? We helpen je en delen de leukste tips!

We delen alleen hotspots, tips en activiteiten die we echt leuk vinden en een bezoekje waard zijn. Alle hotspots zijn bezocht en beoordeeld door een van onze Globetrotters. Weg met die saaie en standaard plekken tijdens je volgende reis!

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Founder of Adventurous Childs, 23 years young, hatlover, oldtimer fan and photographer. Never ending wanderlust and always on the hunt for adventure. Find her dancing at festivals, searching for hidden gems in cities or wandering in the fertile forests. Her goal is to encourage you to go on new adventures and to enjoy the little things in life. And never underestimate the power of a good outfit during a trip.

Based in: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Next adventures:
Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Lisbon, South Africa


Co-founder of Adventurous Childs, 23 years young sports fan and sunbather who loves to party and fool around. Jamie turned him into a globetrotter by showing him her love for nature, travelling and discovering the unknown. So no more boring and standard places! And as you might have noticed he likes to style his outfits in detail.

Based in: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Next adventures:
Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Bucharest, South Africa

Marit Lemmens


Meet Marit, 23 year young photographer based in Steensel, near Eindhoven. She’s a girlboss because she’s running her own company Marit Lemmens photography. Her goal is to discover more hidden gems in her own country and the world. When she discovered Adventurous Childs she was motivated and inspired to discover more places outside Eindhoven. “Find the best destinations and travel the world”

Based in: Steensel, The Netherlands
Next adventure:
Road trip

Demi Mennen


Meet Demi Mennen, born and raised in the Netherlands. Actually she grew up with the founder of Adventurous Childs, Jamie de Leeuw. Jamie always inspired Demi to search for the unknown and go out there discovering new places. Demi works as full-time Traffic Manager, but that doesn’t keep her from travelling and going on new adventures. Actually it makes travelling possible! Because “Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill you soul”. Her goal is to teach you guys to get the best out of your short-range adventures and to show you how to more often travel when you have a full-time job. Don’t forget to follow her on instagram!

Based in: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Next Adventure:
Bali, Indonesia – Lisbon, Portugal and Crete, Greece

Danique Sam

Sam & Danique

Let’s meet Sam and Danique. Both 26 years young. Sam works as a fulltime photographer and Danique works in the health care. They are two best friends who love to spend time together while they’re visiting the most amazing places. They find joy in the little things like a unique interior, the neighborhood boutique or the perfect latté in the coziest bars, with a big piece of cake off course!

Based in: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Next adventure: Road trip

Sophie Manuhutu, Amsterdam


One of her favorite things to do, is to find hidden places that aren’t discovered yet. She lives in Amsterdam as a student since last summer. What she really likes about Amsterdam you can find such a variety of places and people so there is something to like for everyone. She loves to search for hotspots in Amsterdam or somewhere else in the world and she would love to share them with you! Follow her on instagram.

Based in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Next adventure: Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans

Yvonne Zoethout


A 21- year old medical student from Amsterdam. Ever since she was a little girl, travelling has been a big part of her life. Among many other destinations, her parents took her camping in France and travelling through Africa. They even lived in the Caribbean for a while. On the age of thirteen, she started experimenting with photography and soon she discovered portrait photography was the thing she enjoyed the most. The combination of photography and travelling excited her even more, so travel photography ended up to be her favourite thing to do (besides snowboarding). People often ask her why I didn’t choose to study photography and she always tell them she want to become a Tropical Doctor so she can combine photography, travelling and practicing an amazing job all at once. Yvonne’s goal for Adventurous Childs is to show you interesting spots at tropical destinations.

Based in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Next adventure:
Cuba, South America

Charlotte van Orsouw


Let’s meet Charlotte, 23 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands. Recently she graduated and received her Bachelor of Creative Arts for completing her study Communications in Eindhoven. After studying for so long she decided it was time for a completely new adventure, and found a job in beautiful Portugal. For a year she will be working in the capital, Lisbon. During her time in this Mediterranean paradise she plans to come across many beautiful places and activities she can write about for Adventurous Childs. Her goal is to capture Lisbon and other places in Portugal in words and pictures, to inspire you to go out and be a Adventurous Child(s) yourself!

Based in: Lisbon, Portugal

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