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Affordable luxury Geldersestraat 50, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The 4-star citizenM hotel is situated near the Old Harbour (in Dutch: Oude Haven) and is just a stone´s throw from Blaak station that can be reached by train, bus, tram and metro.

The hotel opened in 2013 and provides affordable luxury in all 151 rooms. It is equipped with all modern amenities, including free WiFi throughout the hotel and free movies. The hotel’s quick self-service check-in takes only 1 minute and the check-out only 30 seconds. The hotel bar canteenM offers a wide range of food and drinks 24-7.

And you can control everything in the room with an tablet: the light in the shower, temperature, TV, music, and curtains.


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Geldersestraat 50, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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