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Show us your city

We’re looking for locals and travelholics who would love to share their favourite spots. From campsites to restaurants. From nature areas to festivals. We love it all. So are you a local or travelholic and would you like to show us your favourite spots in your city? As you may have noticed we love to work together with people from all over the world. So we would love to feature you and your city on Adventurous Childs. Here are the options:

1. Be our cityguide while we’re visiting your city

We often visit a new city and we’re looking for locals and travelholics who would like to show us their city and their five favourite spots. Below you can find a list with cities we’re visiting. Are you living in one of these cities? And would you like to be our city guide for one day? Would you love to receive some awesome photographs from you and your city? Let’s meet!

We’re visiting the following cities

2. Tell us something about your city

Unfortunately we can’t visit every city at the same time 🙁 So would you like to photograph and write something about your city for Adventurous Childs? You can find an example article here.

Terms and conditions:

1. Visit 5 of your favourite places
2. For each place shoot at least 6 good quality photographs
3. Write for each place a short description in English. What’s the place/spot called? Where can we find it (address details)? Why do you like it so much.
4. Say cheese! We would love to receive also some pretty pictures from you while you’re visiting your favourite spots <3

Are you interested and would you like to be a part of our journey?

Don’t hesitate and send us an e-mail: . Tell us something about yourself and don’t forget to let us know which option (you can find above) you prefer.

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