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A night in Tenthuisje Arcadia

Tenthuisje Arcadia Texel

Last year when Alicia and I decided to visit and discover Texel, in The Netherlands. We’ve been looking around the web for a place to sleep. We were looking for something special, idyllic and cozy. After a few minutes we stumbled upon a lovely place. Tenthouse Arcadia!

Kind and welcoming host

Luckily, Alicia was just as excited and we immediately booked a stay. When you walk towards Tent House Arcadia you’ll spot sheep, chickens and a beautiful flower field on your right. In the distance you’ll see host Marije waving and waiting to welcome you.

Tenthuisje Arcadia Texel

Tenthuisje Arcadia Texel

Cozy and back to the basic

Cozy and back to the basic in a idyllic tenthouse. Once you’re inside you will love this place even more. Marije proudly shows you everything in her tent house and also shares some great tips on Texel itself. There is freshly picked mint tea leaves, a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her own garden and a tray of eggs from the chickens in their yard are waiting for you.

I must admit it’s back to the basic because it’s possible when you’re taking a shower and the water suddenly stops. Call Marije and she will take care of it. Once it is refilled you can enjoy your refreshing shower again. Enjoy in the evening a cup of mint tea or drink a glass of wine outside on the mini terrace. In the morning you can eat your breakfast on a cheerful floured board and enjoying the birds singing on the background.

 Book your stay in ‘Tenthuisje Arcadia

Tenthuisje Arcadia

Tenthuisje Arcadia Texel

Tenthuisje Arcadia Texel


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