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Moustag – a interactive luggage tag


Since I travel more often it seemed fun to me to test gadgets. A while back I tested MousTag in Budapest. Today I tell you more about this awesome interactive luggage tag.

About MousTag

MousTag is runned by dutch travel junkies who are currently living on Bali, Indonesia. In their travels they have always been delighted to see how many honest people there really are. From lost phones in taxis, to forgotten passports in receptions, people have always been willing to return, that which you have lost if they only have a way of reaching you. That’s why they have created MousTag, to make it as simple as possible for your lost items to be returned but without you needing to give away sensitive private information like name and adress.

A interactive luggage label – how does it work?

  • Buy a MousTag
    Buy a MousTag for only 15 euros in their webshop
  • Easy setup
    Download the MousTag app in the google play or app store. Just scan your tag with NFC or your QR code scanner and add your items in their app. You are ready to travel easy and securely in seconds.
  • Lost and found
    Find your lost luggage with a touch of a button, and get instant notifications if found by someone.
  • Travel log
    Map your travels, add pictures and see exactly where you’ve been. Use their app for an extra dimension in travel.
  • Share travels
    Share your travels on their website and social media to show everyone your travels you experience with MousTag, your travel companion!

What is my opinion?

I’m always afraid when I see my suitcase slowly disappear into the darkness. Somehow I’m afraid of losing my suitcase. But when I found this MousTag and tested it for my trip to Budapest. I felt more comfortable. Because you can see where your suitcase is and if your suitcase is lost you can leave a message for the finder.

Registering your tag is also easy, you scan the QR code on the tag with your phone with the QR scanner in the app. I also think it’s fun you can add photographs to your own travel map in this app. While you are traveling you can send your MousTag link to people so they can follow.

I ‘m very excited about MousTag but…

The only things I miss: the app does not work completely offline, you need a  WiFi connection or mobile network. And you’ll see in which building or street is your suitcase but not the exact location. I could see my suitcase was at Eindhoven Airport, but not exactly where it was. No idea if this is too technically. One thing is for sure, I’m excited! MousTag is from now on my new travel companion!

We received this product from MousTag.


Jamie de Leeuw

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