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Finger lickin' good! Kerkstraat 18, 5611 GN Eindhoven, Nederland
 Do you like chicken? You’re at the right page. A few months ago Van ‘t Spit opened her doors in Eindhoven. And well they serve chicken and we mean chicken only. If you don’t like eating chicken you can stop reading now, this is not the place for you. But if you do… keep on reading because this place has the best chicken ever.

At Van ‘t Spit they serve roasted chicken with a the crispy skin and a refreshing napkin to clean your fingers. You can order a whole chicken (€21) or a half chicken (€11) with a variety of side dishes like sweet potato mash, organic fries, a cornflask and so on. Oh and don’t forget to  try their desserts. What we really like about Van ‘t Spit is that their chickens come from a local farmer, biological and had a humane life. Thumbs up!

So you like to eat chicken? We can recommend this place. Did you know Van ‘t Spit also has restaurants in  Amsterdam , Breda and Rotterdam?


Seven days a week from 17:00 until 01:00

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Kerkstraat 18, 5611 GN Eindhoven, Nederland

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