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The Student Hotel

May the student in you live forever! Stationsweg 1, 5611 AA Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Student Hotel focuses on young travellers and students. Their concept bridges the gap between the ideal accommodation and a cozy home. Welcoming all types of guests from (exchange) students, travellers, aspiring young professionals, or simply people who are young at heart. The Student Hotel is the place to start your Eindhoven journey or in the other cities: Amsterdam West, Amsterdam city, Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Paris , Barcelona , Maastricht or Florence .

Make new friends and memories for a lifetime. Thinking of studying in Eindhoven? As a (exchange) student you can rent a room. Directly across from Eindhoven’s main train station, they provide ready access to the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology, the famous Design Academy Eindhoven and the city center. Let the adventure begin and discover it all by yourself. Head over to their website.


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Stationsweg 1, 5611 AA Eindhoven, Netherlands

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