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Hotel Het Arresthuis Roermond

A night in a Dutch jail Pollartstraat 7, 6041 GC Roermond, Netherlands

Het Arresthuis was built in 1863 and is located in the historic center of Roermond. At that time, it served as a detention facility but from 2002 to 2007, the complex served as “body packer prison”. It was then adapted as a backup mechanism for drug smugglers who arrived at Schiphol.

On the outside of the hotel you do not see that it was formerly a prison. Once inside, you will be surprised by the luxurious look with details referring to the former building. Much has remained original and they have worked with nice details, so you see a lot of attributes that are preserved on display. This way you will be taken back in time, with the retention of all the comfort you could wish.

The rooms

Like every hotel you have different types of rooms, from standard to deluxe. The comfort rooms are 3 cells, which are connected to each other. You enter the sit cell, in the middle is the sleep cell and the last one is the wet cell. What particularly stands out in these rooms is that there is a portrait of a real prisoner. All photos were taken by photographer Cees Roelofs. He has been in Alcatraz for a photo shoot, the pictures can be found in the corridors of the hotel.

A nice touch is that the rooms all have names, so the more luxurious suites are named as the jailer or the courts. The suites are different in appearance and all are furnished to the name they were given, again with the style of the past, but with the upgrades and the luxury of a hotel.

Whether you are traveling or on a business trip, this hotel is suitable for any purpose end!


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Pollartstraat 7, 6041 GC Roermond, Netherlands

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