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Spot wild horses in the Dunes of Texel Strandslag Paal 19, De Koog, The Netherlands

Dunes of Texel National Park is a national park located on the Frisian island of Texel in the Netherlands. All dune systems on the western side of the island and the large coastal plains on both the northern and southern points of the island are part of the park. Each of the terrains within the National Park has its own characteristic flora. The value Texel possesses as a ’bird island’ is determined to a large degree by the richness of birds found in the dunes. Every year, approximately 80 types of birds breed here. The diversity of animal species you can spot here is fantastic!

I was walking around when suddenly a herd of wild horses crossed our path. A few foals were dancing and jumping around while the mares of the herd came closer and closer. One of the horses was standing in front of me, she was so close I could touch her. A few minutes later the herd was gone, such a magical moment.

Tip: Never ever walk towards these animals by yourself, but if they want to say hello just smile and enjoy the moment..

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Strandslag Paal 19, De Koog, The Netherlands

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