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Beautiful campsite in Dutch forest Geuzenpad, Gilze, The Netherlands

Forget everything around you for a few days, watch the sunset, dance around the campfire, laugh and chat until it’s midnight. Fall asleep with the sound of the campfire in the background… and wake up with singing birds, falling raindrops and a warm greeting from the sun.

Chaamse Bossen 1 is a forest nearby the city Breda located in Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. You can park your car in the area (for free) but you can’t reach the campsite by car. Take a hike and don’t forget to bring your navigation. The campsite is hidden between some trees.

  • You can stay with max. three small tents within 10 meters around the campsite
  • You can camp for free but max. 72 hours
  • When you leave, you have to take all your trash with you

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Geuzenpad, Gilze, The Netherlands

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