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Kamplaan 1a, 5375 KP, Reek

As a little girl, I always wanted to build a tree house somewhere in the middle of the forest. When I entered Avontyr‘s field and saw two big treehouses dooming up in the distance, I became immediately excited. Wow, what a magical place and the treehouses are so beautiful! You no longer have the idea that you are in the Netherlands. And believe me, in reality Avontyr is even more beautiful.

Unfortunately, I have not slept for a night here (yet). You can go to this place with large groups – up to 26 persons – but you can also rent one of the treehouses for a romantic weekend with your love or with some friends.

Each treehouse is furnished with four single beds in the form of bedsteads and has a private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. Between the tree houses you can find a terrace, campfire and an exciting underground central area where you can eat and relax with the whole group. Have you already spotted the slide? The idea of ​​these amazing treehouses originated because they actually wanted to create and make a playground.

Can not you wait to stay here? Be quick, because Avontyr is in no time fully booked!

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    Joehoeee het was leuk hier te zijn!

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Kamplaan 1a, 5375 KP, Reek

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