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Artsy bistro Strada Polonă, Boekarest 030167, Roemenië

Acuarela is an artsy bistro, bar and terrace hosted by Imbold art gallery. Vintage furniture, artistic events, food, drinks in the centre of Bucharest. It’s a hidden gem!

A summer garden full of colorful umbrellas and vintage items. The best part is that it’s set in a green, leafy garden. In every corner you discover something new. Acuarela is for the bohemian ‘Bucharestians’ and travellers the perfect place.

This place offers a good selection of teas, beers and wines. They also serve lunch and diner. They even have watercolour paint (ask them nicely) so you can you can relax with a cup of coffee while your paint. A perfect spot for a lazy afternoon or to grab a beer with some friends!

Opening hours:

Mon until Fri 15:00 – 00:00, Sat until Sun 12:00 – 00:00

Lunch Diner
3 Reviews
  • "Good place but not a hidden gem."

    I was her about three months ago, and itss not a hidden gem. Imy friend have known it for a while now..It also has 891 reviews on Facebook and 219 reviews on Google., so i wouldnt say its a hidden gem. They have nice drinks and i would go back there. not a place to advertise since its already wellknown.

  • "Its okay"

    That is Ok. After all it is very nice place. Thanks for tip and will visit again in future 🙂

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Strada Polonă, Boekarest 030167, Roemenië

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