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About Adventurous Childs

An upcoming blog and online travel guide for people who are free spirited and adventurous. In short: travelholics. We’ll take you on a journey to undiscovered places, local spots, unpaved paths and overseas.

You will never find treasures in a city or area without some good advice from locals or people who travel often. By sharing their and our tips and travel stories we hope to encourage and inspire you to discover new places. To go on more adventures, to enjoy the little things in life and live for the moments you can’t put into words. So grab your bags and go!

Every Monday and Thursday we’re posting new articles on our blog page. Every Tuesday and Friday we’re posting new hotspots.

The faces behind Adventurous Childs

We are Jamie de Leeuw and Sjoerd Strijbos, two Dutch wildchilds based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Both we’re looking for the most beautiful treasures and untouched places across the globe. We got to know each other in 2015 and fell in love. Since that moment we’re a couple. We both share a big passion for travelling and discovering new places. So we decided to start our own place on the world wide web where we could share our passion, photographs and enthusiasm. Insanely intrigued by the beauty of nature, sunsets, night skies, long windy roads, mountains, architecture, busy cities, campfire chats, forest walks, and the incredible complexity of the world.

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Founder of Adventurous Childs, hatlover, oldtimer fan and photographer. Never ending wanderlust and always on the hunt for adventure. Find her dancing at festivals, searching for hidden gems in cities or wandering in the fertile forests. Her goal is to encourage you to go on new adventures and to enjoy the little things in life. And never underestimate the power of a good outfit during a trip.

Instagram: @jamiedeleeuw
Works during the week as webdesigner.


Co-founder of Adventurous Childs, sports fan and sunbather who loves to party and fool around. Jamie turned him into a globetrotter by showing him her love for nature, travelling and discovering the unknown. So no more boring and standard places! And as you might have noticed he likes to style his outfits in detail.

Instagram: @sjoerd.strijbos
Works during the week as stylist at Jeans Intelligence by Jack & Jones.

Let’s work together!

We love to create content and create a unique story to each brand we are going to work with. We are able to bring your message to an audience of engaged travelholics.

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