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How to get rid of fake followers on instagram

My instagram is lately followed by more strange accounts. You know those fake/ghost accounts (in Dutch: spook volgers). I want to get rid of these fake followers so I’ve figured out how you can prevent it, how you can recognize fake followers and how you can get rid of fake followers. Today I share these tips with you!

Although it is important in the “bloggers world” to have many followers. I think it’s important you have real followers, you know human followers not bots. Fake followers never like your pictures or comment below it and you can’t build engagement with them. Don’t misunderstand I would love to have many followers on instagram. But I think it is so important to have a connection with your followers.

How do I recognize a fake account?

  • Often they follow thousands of accounts
  • While they have no or only a few followers
  • They have weird account names. I recently blocked as an example: @MIFKA6_S7301113
  • Fake accounts are often from abroad
  • They have a strange bio

How to avoid fake followers on instagram?

With a public instagram account you can’t avoid fake followers, as far as I know. Or you must protect your instagram account.

How do I get rid of fake followers?

  • Download the app Follow cop – available for iOS and android – and click on the tab “Ghost followers”. You’ll see a list of people who never like or comment below your pictures. And you’ll know who recently unfollowed you.
  • Or scroll through your instagram followers list and block all followers you think they are fake. Because when you block a follower they disappear from your followers list.
  • And as a last option. Wait until instagram cleans every account and all the fake accounts will be automatically deleted.

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Jamie de Leeuw

Founder of Adventurous Childs, hatlover and photographer. Never ending wanderlust and always on the hunt for adventure. Find her dancing at festivals, searching for hidden gems in cities or wandering in the fertile forests. Her goal is to encourage you to go on new adventures and to enjoy the little things in life. And never underestimate the power of a good outfit during a trip. ✨

  • Eva

    Hee! De eerste zou ik niet doen. Als het goed is geef je hen je adres gegevens ook.
    1,5 jaar geleden was ik het ook zat en heb handmatig 1500 man verwijderd. maar je kan gewoon het beste wachten totdat Instagram opruimt, dat moet onderhand weer een keer gebeuren 😉

    23 February 2017 at 10:37 Reply
  • Pff heb ook zo vaak dat mensen gaan volgen en 1 dag later weer ontvolgen. Hier heb ik de laatste tijd vaak last van, het lijkt of ze zo proberen zelf volgers te krijgen. Erg irritant! Of van die reacties onder je foto die je net geplaatst hebt: Want to have more followers? Check my page! Blehh

    23 February 2017 at 15:09 Reply
  • Handige tip die app! Is inderdaad bijzonder vervelend…

    24 February 2017 at 07:48 Reply
  • mmmm, I’ll try

    24 February 2017 at 12:50 Reply

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