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How to avoid losing your luggage at airports

Afraid of losing your luggage at the airport? Today I share some tips how you can avoid losing your luggage at airports. Never lose your luggage again!

Avoid losing your luggage at airports, prevention is better than cure

  • Use a suitcase as luggage. For example: don’t use a sports bag they often roll and get stuck
  • Do not overload your suitcase. You will be surprised how rough your luggage goes through the system
  • Write on a A4 your name, address , city and country. Write also your vacation address and date of arrival and departure down. Put this A4 IN your suitcase.
  • Take a picture of your suitcase before leaving. When your suitcase is lost you can show the picture to the staff.
  • Don’t use suitcase belts. Sometimes suitcases get stuck in the system, with damage to your luggage as a result. Or the luggage arrives too late for your flight. Would you like to close your suitcase? Use duct tape.
  • Check your backpack in as “Odd -size baggage”

After reading these tips, still a bit afraid?

You can purchase a Moustag, an interactive luggage tag for your suitcase. By using this interactive luggage tag and their free app for your mobile you can track your suitcase. Curious? Read my review about Moustag here.

What to do when your suitcase is lost?

After you have checked you’re at the correct baggage carousel. Do not go home to arrange further but go immediately to a service point at the airport and fill in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) there. Including the luggage label you received at check in. With this form, the airline will look for your suitcase. So fingers crossed and hopefully your suitcase will be found again.


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