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Camp for free In The Netherlands

Here’s a secret all the adventurous people in the Netherlands (or abroad) needs to know: you can camp for free, legally and in some beautiful natural settings.

Camp for free in The Netherlands

You can camp for free on paalkampeerterreinen or pole camping sites (I don’t know the correct English translation). The Forestry Commission Staatsbosbeheer has set up a concept called ‘pole camping’ (in Dutch: paalkamperen). Of course you can camp in someone’s backyard. But it’s more fun to camp in a green area. “Staatsbosbeheer” has two possibilities. Camping on a nature camping or you can go to an area where they placed a pole. They are located in the forest or on the edge nearby paths and cycling routes. They are not accessible by car. Read more about my adventure in the Dutch forrest.

The rules for using a campsite

  • Up to three small tents which must be within 10 meters around the pipe or pole
  • Open fires are prohibited
  • The only amenity is a pipe (not available on every campground). But please note: Don’t drink the water uncooked
  • You can camp for free but not longer for 72 hours
  • You have to again take all your trash home

Find here the paalkampeerterrein locations

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