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Travel movie: road trip Germany

The sun blindes our eyes, it’s a bright and sunny morning in June. Three days and 1500 km ahead of us, I have enough time to get used to the idea of being on the road. After a few mileage we change the Dutch highways for the roads of our southern neighbours together with Gunther, a yellow VW bus. Germany… our ‘home’ for the upcoming days.

A night in The Student Hotel Eindhoven

The Student Hotel Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Rotterdam

A few weeks ago The Student hotel opened their 6th hotel in The Netherlands. And lucky us in our hometown Eindhoven! We we’re invited to stay a night. Playing games in their game room, watching tv and chilling with some food. The Student Hotel is a hotel & home for students, young professionals & design savvy travellers from all over the world!

Outfit | Focus on the good

Jamie de Leeuw - The Sting Sacha Trixlamix

I shot this outfit a few weeks ago when the sun was shining but still it was freezing, brr! Normally I photograph all of my oufits in a nature area, but I really love the urban vibe on Strijp-S. Today I’m off to Ardennes modelling for a sporty brand. Wish me luck haha! What do you think these pictures and my outfit?