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Hotel Het Arresthuis Roermond

Pollartstraat 7, 6041 GC Roermond, Netherlands
Het Arresthuis was built in 1863 and is located in the historic center of Roermond. At...

The Øatmeal Bar

Nieuwe Emmasingel 44-46, Eindhoven, Netherlands
A message to all oatmeal lovers: Eindhoven has a new Oatmeal bar! Ok, they serve...

Yoghurt Barn Den Bosch

Orthenstraat 5-7, 5211 SV 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Looking for the most delicious place to have breakfast? This is by far my most favourite...

EEMS Arnhem

Koningstraat 15, Arnhem, Netherlands
Furniture shop EEMS is located in the shoppingstreet of Arnhem next to clothing shop MAEVE,...

Franck Food

Diezerpoortenplas 9, 8011 VV Zwolle, Netherlands
Planning on visiting Zwolle? You should go to Franck Food. It is located in the city centre...


Sint Annastraat 19C, Breda, Netherlands
In one of the oldest historical streets of Breda, you can find Yirga. On their...

Sissy-Boy Daily

Nieuwe Emmasingel 2, Eindhoven, Netherlands
When you visit Eindhoven you’ll spot”The Blob”. It’s a building designed by Massimiliano Fuksas. But...

Home Stock

Nieuwe Emmasingel 30, Eindhoven, Netherlands
A great refreshing store for every budget! If you’re looking for furniture, vintage or new...

In Kannen en Kruiken

Veemarktstraat 45, Breda, Netherlands
In the center of Breda you can find In Kannen en Kruiken in short: IKEK....